. . . Are we sitting comfortably?


As with many aspiring writer I’m stuck in that void between completing a book (or draft of a book) and finding a home for it with an Agent / Publisher. The conventional wisdom is that an ‘online presence’ is required to make said Agent or Publisher more interested in taking on an unpublished writer.

Crap or not, I really don’t know, but I thought I’d better dip my toe in the blogging world anyway.

The purpose of this blog is to, hopefully, draw attention to my work, while allowing me space to throw my own twopence worth into the void. That’s the plan anyway, though there is always the worry that I will be reduced to reposting cute animal pictures or YouTube videos to pass the time.

Exactly how much I will reveal about myself I really don’t know, not from any desire to remain aloof and mysterious, more from that nagging fear that the more I reveal about myself the more likely it is that people will either run screaming or come chasing after me with their pitchforks and burning torches.

Let’s see just how I fuck this all up

. . . join me, won’t you?



Colm O’Shea

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