Writing.ie and a Date with an Agent

I was contacted earlier in the week by Vanessa O’Loughlin from the writing.ie website, for something for their New Ideas section.

I’ve recently been shortlisted for the Date with an Agent event at next month’s Dublin Writers Festival where in addition to attending a seminar offering advice for writers as they try to attract the attention of agents and/or publishers we will also get a chance to pitch our work to an agent in a one-to-one session.

This is similar, in a way, to the Novel Fair idea I was involved in previously through the Irish Writers’ Centre and as with many of these types of events it could be useful, a waste of a day, or a life-changing event, time will tell.

In the spirit of the Date with an Agent I rewrote a previous post and it was put up on the writing.ie site under the title Insert Coin as I again go through the variable experience of trying to get someone to pick up on my work.

Here it is, enjoy.






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