Fallow Media

I’m absolutely delighted to have a short story To Here Knows When published on the Fallow Media website.

To Here Knows When Cover pic 27-05-19



If anyone hasn’t seen this site before they really do an amazing job putting the pieces together, editing, and adding images to show them off at their best, and I’m so happy my own piece was selected.




The site itself is run bun by the hugely talented Ian Maleney who, in addition to all of the work he puts into the site, has recently published his first collection of essays with Tramp Press to huge acclaim, available, as they always say, in any good bookstore, or order directly from;

Minor Monuments

I do hope you’ll read, and enjoy, my story, and take some time to look at some of the other delights on Fallow Media (as a final request I would also ask those who can to become patrons of the site, ensuring not only that it can continue, but that the writers and creators can be rewarded in some small way for all of the efforts they put in).


Thank you,



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